Penny Stinkers



New Website is up and running!


Welcome to our new website! I know it has taken a while to get it up and running, I wish we had a good excuse....but we don't. We just procrastinated.....but now it's up and running. 


Be sure and put your email in the form in the upper left corner of the page (or down below if you are on a mobile device). We promise not to share your address with anyone, and we will do our best not to bug you too much, but if you want to stay up to date with the crazy "goings on" in Penny Stinker world, the best way is to join the mailing list. We also have some great projects in the hopper that should be done soon, and being on the lists is the best way to be the first to know. 


We have a great season coming up. I can't believe the great opportunities that have come our way. We have bookings in new venues, in and out of town, and a healthy dose of private events that should be "off the hook". If you would like to throw a Penny Stinker party, or Penny Stinker Wedding, or Penny Stinker.....whatever, click the "contact" link above and drop us a note. We would love to talk to you about your private party or event. 


On behalf of the Stinkers, thank you for stopping by our page, take some time, look around, and check back soon, we promise to keep the information flowing. 


~The Penny Stinkers